Friday, December 18, 2009

Josef Santa will Give the Gift of 911 Truth on Dec 23

Today, we had a remarkable day in Tokyo. Josef Princiotta and I went to Nagatacho, Tokyo to see Mr. Tsuyoshi Saito, a member of House of Representative from Kanagawa Prefecture.

Mr. Saito and Joseph JPG

We met him when Richard Gage gave a lecture to Diet (Parliament or Congress) members on 911 truth. The event was organized by Mr. Yukihisa Fujita, a member of House of Councilors. Mr. Saito stood up at the end of the lecture and promised he would support the 911 truth movement. Josef remembered this very well.

Then the idea came to us of giving away the Japanese version of the DVD 9/11:Blue Print for Truth as Christmas will be here soon. We decided to label the event 'Gift of 911 Truth' and we chose Minatono Mieru Oka Koen park in Yokohama as the venue.

Then some more inspiration came: Contact Mr. Saito for the event! So I sent him a press release. His secretary kindly arranged a meeting with us today.

Mr. Saito, Joseph and Yumi JPG

We spent a full hour together during his busy schedule and by the end of the meeting he promised that he would come to the event on Dec 23.

What a wonderful commitment! Josef was in tears. After all our work our voices were finally heard and our long hard effort has produced some success.

Below is some info about the event:

++Josef Santa will Give the Gift of 911 Truth++

Date & Time: Dec 23, 2009, 10am
Place: Minato no Mieru Oka Koen Park, Yokohama, in front of Mother and Children statue
Fee: free
Gift: DVD 9/11 Blue Print for Truth, Japanese version, incomplete version (voice over with some subtitles missing)

Bring a picnic lunch as we will eat lunch together at the park.

From 1:30, Josef Princiotta will give a talk at Kanagawa Kindai Bungakukan (map in Japanese), the small meeting room till 3:30pm.

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