Monday, March 21, 2011

English Information on the Earthquake & Nuclear Disaster in Japan

My friend sent me the information below for English speaking people in Japan. Share it to those who need this.



● At-a-glance summary of the situation in the Fukushima reactors, by the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum

● NYT: Food safety inspectors said the iodine 131 in the tested milk was up to five times the level the government deems safe, and the spinach had levels more than seven times the safe level. The spinach also contained slightly higher than allowable amounts of cesium 137. Minuscule amounts of radioactive iodine were also detected in the water supply in Tokyo and its five surrounding prefectures.
More testing is needed.

● Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology
(MEXT) is providing radiation measurements:

● Effects of radiation, by Medical News Today, includes a list of signs and symptoms likely to occur when a human is exposed to acute radiation (within one day), in mSv

● World Health Organization information about contaminated food:

● The IAEA is now providing updates and information. "We now have continuous online access to data from CTBTO radionuclide monitoring stations, which is being evaluated by Agency dosimetry specialists (19Mar)."

● The IAEA is providing slides/photos on this site as well, including an aerial schematic of the Fukushima plants (19 Mar):

● Japan PM Kan in a meeting with Amano "said the government is disclosing all information but that information-gathering efforts might be insufficient. Kan said the government will improve its information disclosure by taking photos of the plant regularly and stepping up radiation monitoring." NHK, 18 Mar,

● K2P highlights a story that says TEPCO tried to hand over crisis on 14 Mar, and the request was denied by the PM:.
This site (recommended by Tatsu Suzuki), also provides summaries of news conferences.

● Other sites of interest:
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission -
CTBTO news:
Greenpeace -

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