Thursday, March 17, 2011

You Can Help Japan : STOP HAMAOKA and TOKAI Nuclear Power Plants Now

So many people have contacted me across the ocean if we are safe. Thank YOU. I and my family are all safe and alive as I write this. My town Kamogawa is not affected even though we had earthquakes and tsunami, too.

But radiation is coming and it is serious.

In my view, all the pregnant woman and children are better off to go as far as they can from Fukushima Nuclear Power plants (there are 10 plants there. 6 @1st Fukushima, 4@2nd Fukushima). 10 nuclear power plants are under critical condition, 4 have started releasing radioactive gas to the environment, which is now heading west across the pacific ocean.

Now, it is about the survival of Japan and maybe northern hemisphere. If you are American, you can help us now by asking your senators and congressman to request Japanese government to stop Hamaoka and Tokai nuclear power plants now before the next big earthquake happens.

The earthquakes are moving down south and we had a big earthquake yesterday in Fuji (Mt. Fuji area) magnitude 6. We have had 200 earthquakes since the 1st one as big or bigger than magnitude 5 in one week. Japan is in severe danger now.

Here is a letter I wrote. Thank you Cathy Cadden, my NVC teacher,who helped me for this.

You may wonder why I am doing this. I tell you! Because Japanese government tend to listen to what US (president) says more than what Japanese people ask.

Help US now (will help you for reducing the amount of radiation you are getting soon)!!!!

Please spread widely the letter or this blog post:

 Another Way To Help Japan Now in Your Country

Dear People in the United States,

We are asking that all of you contact your local representatives and President Obama and implore them to pressure the Japanese government to shut down Hamaoka and Tokai nuclear power plants. These plants are the two closest to Tokyo.

We continue to have aftershocks that register from 4.0 to 7.0. We also are experiencing other quakes from epicenters close to and inside Tokyo. If these plants become affected it could be devastating for Japan as Tokyo has the largest concentration of our population. We would also request that the rest of the nuclear power plant facilities (all 55) be fully checked out for safety.

Contact them as soon as you can to help our health and survival,

Thank you ,
concerned parents in Japan,
Yumi Kikuchi and Gen Morita
Kamogawa, Japan

Map of Japan's Nuclear Power Plants' Site:
(each site has 2-6 reactors, 55 all together)


Yukiko said...

Can anyone make the UK version of this letter for our friends in UK? Is it writing to Home Secretary? Prime Minister? or your MP? What do you think?

Anonymous said...


Yumi Kikuchi said...

yes, just send that to UK prime minister.
and all the countries head as well.

Thank you!!

Maki said...

This is a changed version of an anti-nuclear petition from Europe (, that was signed by more than 600,000 people. I think this petition captures the essence of the wishes of people all over the whole world. So people not just in Japan or just in United States can use this petition. I recommend that we all use this petition. Also, it is not so difficult to translate into many languages. What do you think?

We, the undersigned, urge Government of Japan to:
1. Stop or prevent the construction of new nuclear power plants and facilities in Japan;

2. Launch a plan to abandon nuclear power within Japan;

3. Invest massively in energy saving and the development of renewable energies.

Sam said...

From a good friend and a Doctor's wife. She has a scientific background.
Dear Sam.
It may be naive. but certainly would like credit, considering the magnitude of problem. All my scientist friends are dead. Her doctor husband too-Sam)
The idea is instead of airlifting sea water continually to cool reactors. they should use tons of dry ice, much lighter, cheaper, and would melt to co2 which would put out the fires. they probably have plants that make it and could be probably be made on the ships.
wild?. You are so active now. I don't know who to present it. quickly
Joan Epstein

josephW grant said...

Better Lights Down, than Melt Down. The use of nuclear power can be a deadly convenience - as we have seen.
_joe grant