Wednesday, March 23, 2011

URGENT: Evacuate Pregnant Women and Children from Fukushima Nuke Plant

If you know anything about low level radiation and health, you must be concerned about the health of pregnant women and children in Fukushima right now (and entire Japanese people as more radiation is released and spread).

And, after watching this, maybe more than just Japanese children, but children of California and Mexico!

I have known Dr. Rosalie Bertell and Dr.Earnest Sternglass personally (I met Dr. Bertell at the Earth Summit in Rio, 1992 and I interpreted for Dr. Sternglass when he lectured in Japan back in 2006) and their work on radiation and public health.

Those who live within 30 km (less than 20 miles) of Fukushima nuclear power plants are told to stay inside the house even today after the radioactive contamination is found not only within but also beyond 20 miles after the disaster of Japan's earthquake and Tsunami on March 11, 2011.

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power has 6 plants and 4 already broken, Fukushima Daini has 4, Onagawa Nuclear power has 3 plants, so all together 13 reactors are not normal condition. Out of those, 4 are already releasing the radiation and 9 are unknown as of today (no news about them).

The most damaged is Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant and those who live within 20 km of Fukushima Daiichi have evacuated now, but are those who between 20 and 30 km are told stay inside the house. I wonder if those people are safe. If it is safe, what about children and pregnant women? I know all the standard are usually set for male adult,

After knowing Sternglass's work, I can not agree with what Japanese government and all the Japanese media are saying to us. It is safe, no need to evacuate, etc. I understand it is important to avoid panic, but even the low level radiation is not safe for pregnant women and small children.

On TV news, they keep saying the level of radiation won't be immediate health threat and DO NOT WORRY at all. I wish that were true!! But for pregnant women and small children, you better take a extra caution as they are more prone to radiation.

So, we launched a project for EVACUATION AND FINDING HOMES FOR PREGNANT WOMEN AND CHILDREN on March 18 in Okinawa Japan for two reasons: 1. Okinawa has no nuclear plants and rare earthquake 2. Okinawa is furthest spot in Japan from the radiation. On March 26, radioactive material is already found in Okayama (west part of Japan) so, the contamination of all Japan is just a matter of time and weather (wind and rain).

Here is the press release we put out:

Press Release

March 18, 2011

"TSUNAGU HIKARI"(Connecting Light) Launched to Support Victims from the Tohoku Kanto Earthquake/Tsunami

We, volunteer citizens of Japan, wish to announce the launching of "TSUNAGU HIKARI", a support campaign for victims' from the Tohoku Kanto Earthquake/Tsunami afflicted areas.

As there are expected to be serious effects caused by the radiation released from the damaged nuclear power plants, the recovery of those areas afflicted by the earthquake, tsunami and damaged nuclear power plants it is anticipated to be a long term process.

Tsunagu Hikari is an information center created to help find accommodation in Okinawa for pregnant women and families with small children from the affected areas. Among the first to be evacuated will be women and children living within the 30 km (20 mile) unsafe radiation boundary.

Okinawa is located in the most distant part of Japan from the afflicted areas and can be considered to be the safest place for evacuees.

We are recruiting volunteers to help with this project. We need information on available homes and unused hotel rooms, as well as any kind of housing or dormitories etc. in Okinawa that can be offered for this purpose. We are also doing fundraising to cover the costs.

Our Mission:

1. To arrange accommodation in Okinawa for women and children impacted by the tsunami/earthquake and radiation from the nuclear power plants.

2. To provide appropriate personal care as required by the victims, including counseling, clothing and other personal items.

Founding Members of the "Tsunagu Hikari" Project:

Chief Director: Chikashi Kinjo
Executive Director: Kakuji Nakagawa
Public Relations: Yumi Kikuchi
Adviser: Gen Morita
Staff: Koka Nakagawa

Contact Ms. Nakagawa: (Japan - 81) 90-6146-5054

For more information and donation:
contact Gen Morita

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