Sunday, January 16, 2005

Anyone reading this in Australia?

Greeting from Sydney. Yumi, a writer and peace & environmental activist and natural - sustainable life advocator, is now traveling in Australia with her family, Gen, Anna and Manabu. We did one film showing of 911 In Plane Site in a northern part of Sydney at our new friends' house.

Martha and Philip are the brave couple who welcomed us into their home and allowed us to have the film showing and gathering at their place. What nice people they are and how lucky we are to konw them! We never met before, it was just through the internet that we got to know each other. They liked what we have been doing for peace.

I would like to do more film showings in Sydney. We will ge heading north and stopping Coffs Harbour and Byron Bay before going to Brisbane. The only dates which are scheduled for us are Jan 21, 22. We have 6 days before leaving here. I now have mobile, and if you know anyone in Australia who is interested in seeing the film, or havng the DVD or VHS of 911 In Plane Site, please let them know through my blog or homepage address. Or just call me if you are interested.

USA 911 In Plane Site Homepage:
My homepage:
My mobile: 04-1674-0870


Monday, January 10, 2005

Welcome to my English Blog!

Hi Everyone,

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