Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Photo’s from Iraq - Look at these kids!

It is getting worse in Iraq. The following e-mail came from a friend of mine who has been helping Iraqi children. Take a moment to look at photos here. Why do they have to be suffering? How can we stop this? How can we withdraw all the troops from Iraq?

From: Jamila Takahashi
Date: 2005 Jan30th 2:56:10:JST
Subject: Dar Jamal

Dar Jamal provides us a chance to see what Baghdad is like.

His ever increasing set of photo "albums" and his recently shot photos of kids are here: http://mparent7777.blog-city.com/read/1034431.htm

Some of these are sets about the war, others are of daily life.

Mr Jamal also runs an informative blog which he writes an account a few days a week here: http://dahrjamailiraq.com/weblog

Check these out.

For what it's worth, the likely confirmation of the man who wrote the memos authorizing torture as the Attorney General of the US is putting the US government, not just the Bush administration, in a horrible light here in Ireland (and evidently the rest of Europe).

Call your Senators in the US and urge that Alberto Gonzales not be confirmed. Capitol switchboard: (800) 839-5276 or (800) 648-3516 (toll-free) or (202) 224-3121 (ask for Senator by name) [If an 800 number doesn't work, please tell me.]