Friday, October 31, 2008

♪ Short Chat with Dr. David Ray Griffin ♪ - 11 min 53 sec - 2.8 MB

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Today, Dr. David Ray Griffin and I are off to Kobe for the first of his 911 Truth lectures and conferences in the Kansai area.

He will be speaking today, Oct 31st, in Kobe, Nov 1st in Osaka, Nov 2nd in Nagoya and on Nov 3rd in Tokyo. The Tokyo event is the biggest event for Japan and it will be held at Miyake Zaka Hall in central Tokyo.

This morning I recorded a short interview with Dr. Griffin that I believe you will find interesting.

To learn more about Dr. Griffin's tour check out the conference homepage (in English):
If your Japanese is good or if you would like to introduce your Japanese friends to the conference check out this link:


Dinner with Dr. Griffin at my home in Chiba

PS. I really look forward to seeing you all (in your '911 Was An Inside Job' T Shirt if you have one!) over the next few days.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

♪ 911 Truth Corbette Report Interview ♪ - 14 min 40 sec - 3.4 MB

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Today I was interviewed by James Corbett, an American living in Japan who publishes video and audio news podcasts on his independent online news program The Corbett Report.

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In the interview I talk about how I got into the 911 Truth Movement and about the 2nd 911 Truth International Conference in Tokyo.

It is a short interview. I hope you can enjoy listening to it.

The Corbett Report can be seen here.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Mr. Fujita's questions on 9/11 chosen as No. 24 in the Top 25 Censored Stories

Project Censored chose the Top 25 censored stories for 2009 and amazingly, one Japanese story is in the list. (I guess it is not so amazing actually, as I know all too well about the mainstream media censorship that goes on in Japan...).

Anyway, the story that was chosen about a topic that I am very involved in!

Parliament member Mr. Yukihisa Fujita asked questions to Mr. Fukuda, who was at that time the Prime Minister of Japan. The questions concerned not only the inconsistencies in the official version of what happened on Sept. 11th., but also debated the ethics of renewing Japan's 'anti-terror law' which supports the coalition forces operating in Afghanistan. Mr. Fujita pointed out that the US has not provided credible information that links al-Qaeda to Sept 11th.

The parliamentary session was broadcast by NHK TV live but not one newspaper or TV program even mentioned it that day or in the days following. To this day, almost no one in Japan knows about it!

There was and still is a total media blackout despite the importance of Mr. Fujita's questions!!

Please read what Project Censored wrote by clicking here.