Monday, April 25, 2011

My Macbook Air is out of order!

Since April 23, my Macbook Air has been out of order and I have no access to my e-mails. Sorry about the delay in responding to your e-mails and with submitting my articles (for editors).

I hope to be able to fix it soon and work on all my responsibilities (especially the articles I am supporsed to submit now and soon).

Gomen nasai (I am sorry!).

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Distance between Big Cities in Japan and Nuclear Power Plants

Japan is a small islands country as you all know. We have constant earthquakes.

Here is what I wrote in my twitter today: The distance between major cities in Japan and the nearest nuclear power plants:

東京110、横浜130、大阪85、名古屋100、京都50、札幌65、神戸90、福岡50、北九州100、川崎120 日本10大都市と最寄原発からの距離(キロメートル)。あなたの家からは何キロか調べておきましょう。

Tokyo 110km
Yokohama 130km
Osaka 85km
Nagoya 100km
Kyoto 50km
Sapporo 65km
Kobe 90km
Fukuoka 50km
Kitakyushu 100km
Kawasaki 120km

1mile=1.6km so you can calculate your safety (or danger) level.

Earthquakes can happen at any time anywhere. We do have them every day now in Japan.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Tetsuo Jimbo's Inside Report From The Fukushima Evacuation Zone

Tetsuo Jimbo is an old friend of mine. He and the crew went to Fukushima Daiichi Neclear Power Plant and took the footage you can see below. It is so sad to see the dogs and cows walking around trying to survive...

With the geiger counter exceeding 100 mSv/hr I can only say Tetsuo and his crew have guts!! Of course, we should be thankful to them for showing the world what is happening there!

This is a must see:

No More Fukushimas!

No more nuclear power plants! They all must be closed down! All of them.

There is no safe place for them in Japan, or the world, for that matter!

April 10th 'Stop Nuclear Power Plants! Global Action Day'! Click here to learn about this event.