Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You and the Earth are One

When I became aware of the environmental problems our planet earth was facing back in 1988, I was in despair.

There were too many problems and destructions and there seemed not much a could do.  All of problems were getting worse year by year. I then thought we, human being , were like cancer cells of the earth, so we should go extinct!

I was wrong.  I found it out myself when I started living in the country of Kamogawa, Chiba in 1998.  I left my city life and started a totally unknown and new life in an old abandoned farm in a mountain of  cedar forest with my partner Gen.

We started to grow what we eat all organically, rice, vegetables, fruits and mushrooms (and later even children).  In a few years, we were growing more rice than we could eat in one year, yes, we were nearly self-sufficient.  We were so happy and so healthy.  And then, I noticed there were fireflies around our house, which were not before we lived there.  We made a gutter where our used water was carried to the vegetable garden and rice paddy.  In that gutter, fireflies were living.

I was so happy and so amazed. I knew fireflies needed clean water.  So, our waste water was clean enough for fireflies.  It was true I did not use any chemical detergent nor even a soap. I just used warm water and sometimes salt to wash dishes.

Then came the fireflies.

I realized humans were not cancer cells.  We could be, but we could be different too.  If we chose a way of living that is not polluting (by this, I mean chemically polluting or radioactively polluting, something that eco system can not take care of), we can actually make the environment better or richer.

We started planting many fruit trees. Some for the bird and wild animals and some for ourselves.

Soon I realized I had become much more healthy, vital and younger, too.  This realization was so inspiring for me.  If I chose to live making my environment (water, etc) clean, I become more healthy and beautiful.


I am one with the Earth.  If I chose a way of life that makes me beautiful, it also make the earth beautiful.  At the same time, if I am careful not to pollute the water, soil and air, as a result, I become more healthy and beautiful.

I and the Earth are one.  You and the Earth are one.  So, we are one.

This is such a great realization for me.  When I look at people, I try to remember this. No matter what is going on between me and that person, I am one with that person as long as I live on this planet Earth.

I am no longer a cancer cell of the planet. I am a change agent.  Gandhi said you must be the change you wish to see in the world.  I am the one to make the planet more healthy and beautiful by making myself more healthy and beautiful.

So are you.

Isn't this great?