Monday, February 28, 2011

Support Needed: Another Nuclear Power Plant in Japan? I DO NOT THINK SO!

To me it is crazy to build and operate nuclear power plants over earthquake fault lines. There are faults under the islands of Japan so there is no safe site for any nuclear power plants here, period!

Please read the urgent appeal from the Kaminoseki area of Japan, where our 56th nuclear power plant is being planned in spite of the many voices of the Tanoura Island people whose life depends on the wild and abundant sea food there.

They have lived sustainably over 1000 years!

Dear Global Citizens,

In Japan, the country of the chair of COP10 until 2012, at a valuable Biodiversity hotspot, land-filling to build the Nuclear
Power Plant started last Monday(21st Feb 2011).

This Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant was mentioned as an issue at the plenary session at NGO meeting in COP10 in October last year.

Because of insufficient Environmental Impact Assessment, a number of signatures were handed in to Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Now the details in English is available:

The main problem of Chugoku Electric Power Inc. is that they created severe conflict in the city. And Chugoku Electric Power Inc. hasn't tried to resolve the conflict.

Chugoku Electric Power Inc. is neglecting opposing residents and focusing on proceeding the construction. By the construction, the hotspot sea area where is egg-laying site of rare species of fish will be land-filled.

Residents of Iwaishima Island have been living on the rich natural resource from the sea. In order to save the sea, approximately 100 people of the residents are desperately opposing and raising action by nonviolent means. However, Chugoku Electric Power Inc. has hired 600 people to force through the construction.

Now they are on the verge.
So we need your support.

Further details in English is available:

Our 1st goal is to stop the Chugoku Electric Power Inc. to land-fill the valuable Biodiversity hotspot.
Chugoku Electric Power Inc was a participant of COP10.

Therefore, I hope you have several minutes to help us by doing 2 points as follows:

1) Please let your friends, colleagues, companies, families and other people to know this fact by forwarding this email.
2) Please call or send Chugoku Electric Power Inc. an e-mail to ask them to stop the land-filling.

The Spotlighted issue at COP10,the destruction of Biodiversity hotspot due to construction of Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant is on a critical point.

We wish this issue will reach as many global citizens as possible.

Let us, global citizens, move forward to say "Stop constructing Nuclear Power Plant!" everywhere in the world.

Thank you for your assistance.
Love from Kaminoseki,

P.S. "Please stop constructing Nuclear Power Plant" in Japanese is "Gen-Patsu Kensetsu wo Yamete Kudasai"

■Chugoku Electric Power co. INC.
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When Kaminoseki was mentioned at the Plenary session COP10 (57'44"-58'35")

Live Broadcast from the site
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(From at sea, and on shore)

Nuclear Ginza:

A Sea of Miracles Threatened by Nuclear Power

The Demand for Re-investigating an environmental assessment of
Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Planned Construction Site.

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