Thursday, August 20, 2015

Kids Came, Stayed 30 Days, Gone Home Safely

10 people from Fukushima 7 kids and 3 adults came to Hawaii, spend 30 days, eating organic fresh food made from scratch every day, and went home safely yesterday.

So many people have helped.  I can not name everyone, but here are several:
Fred Feldpauch and otheres, for their big support by donation.
Kim and David for their healthy barbeque at Spenser Beach
Iruka Yuriko for her  great discount for the Dolphin Swim (kids loved it most)
Antonio for sharing his wisdom at Huehue garden
Yuko for sharing NVC
Gen for sharing Harmonics Healing
Mayumi for sharing Ginger Hill Farm and its amazingly tasty and healthy meals
Zack for the bon-fire
Iris for teaching Yoga
Len and Sherri for letting kids use Steam Vend and Kingdom of Heaven guest house
Fujita, Masako, Ikeda, Matsumura and Linda Watanabe for home stay
Linda for her treating all of us at Toshiba
Annu for teaching piano
Thais and Tenaya for volunteering  on Aug 15 and attending the farm class at Huehue
Michina and Emi for leading the kids group
Edgar and Annie fore letting us use their car
Ursula and Kauilani for their music gift
Kris and Keiko Fushigami for their music gift
Henk and Akemi for letting us use the Huehue and Puu Waa Waa Ranch
All the participants to two fundraising concert for their kind donations
All the buyers of silent auction items and garage sale items
Jade on the Rock for treating all of us for the breakfast
Pacific Island Fitness for Gift Certificate
Daylight Mind Cafe for the gift card
Char and Choo for the pizza party
Cris and Karla for the pool party
Chiemi for 2 nights stay at your beautiful Casa Della Dolce
Ritsuko for the gift of 88 T-shirts
Randy and Naomi, Jason for teaching ZUMBA to children
Yurika for teaching how to swim safely in the ocean
Emi for making Japanese slippers
All the kids for supporting garage sale twice
and to myself  and children for cooking all the meals from scratch, 3 times a day for 25 days....(about 1200 meals)

SOOOOO many people have been contributing for the Fukushima kids who need support.  Thank you.  IT is quite amazing how this program continues with so many people's good will and kind action.

We are so grateful.
Mahalo nui loa.

Your support keeps us going.