Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Greetings from Okinawa!

After traveling through Australia, New Zealand, Korea and Japan (The main island of Honshu), we are finally at our last destination: Okinawa. As you might know, Okinawa has 75% of the US Bases in Japan. It is a small and beautiful place, but the bases and related facilities are everywhere. It reminds me of Oahu Island of Hawaii.

Our purpose here is to show the film, 911 In Plane Site to as many Okinawans and US soldiers as possible. If you live here in Okinawa and want to come to one of our film showings, please call me on 098-886-0604. We will be showing the film on Honto (the main island of Okinawa) almost every day and night until March 17.

If you are American, or a US soldier, you can get a free copy of the DVD: 911 In Plane Site from me. To know more about the film, go to: I am looking for Americans living anywhere in Japan who would like to organize film showings of 911 In Plane Site. If you would like to have a showing or know anyone who would be interested, please give me a call.

Yesterday and today, we went to Nakijin-son where young Japanese are trying to create a sustainable community. Their project is called Shima Project and their website is:

They are really enjoying their life, using their talents to the full, being members of the community to help and support each other using their individual skills. I was quite excited to see such Japanese young people with bright eyes and shining smiles. Our next generation is growing up fine. What a good feeling it was to meet such a group of young people.

Zamami Island jpg

Better go now. My kids are shouting from the bath room, "Mammy, let's take a bath together (Isshoni ofuro hairo)." See you soon!

Love and Peace,


Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I am writing this from Okinawa.

I am going to show 911 In Plane Site at Henoko where activists are gathering everyday to stop the drilling. The showing is scheduled on March 13, from 10 to 12am. On the same day there is another showing at the Syuri Komin Kan (Shuri Public Center) from 2 to 4pm in Naha.

Both showings are free of charge, so please come and join us! The ocean is ours and our children‘s, not for a base of killing.



(to contact me call 090-4011-6488)