Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Dog Bite and Power of "Connection Practice"

Something profound happened to me and I want to share it with you.

It was physically painful, but rather interesting and exciting to recognize the power of Connection Practice.

     @our favorite cafe on Alii Drive just before the dog bite.

Gen and I like to walk to a cafe in Kona (Daylight Mind Coffee) on Alii Drive on the ocean from our house (hillside of Hualalai Mountain) as often as we can.  It is our favorite thing to do, working with a cup of coffee: checking mails and writing or translating articles. This happened on the way home this Thursday.

A dog bit me.

I was aware of two dogs always barking when we pass by that house, but they had never come out of the house (they were without leash). So I used to think, "How well trained watch dogs they are!".

But not this Thursday morning.

Right after I passed the house maybe 20 feet away, one of the black dogs came running at me and bit my right calf.  It happened in seconds without my notice as I was feeling totally safe and relaxed walking by as those dogs never came out of the gate before.   I later learned that the owner put them a special collar that gave them a shock when they went beyond the set distance (so, obviously it did not work that morning).

I was shocked and in pain, but the dog went away after one bite, so I started walking home, until I notice drops of blood under my pants.

The dog was a rather big dog, Rottweiler I learned later, and really a great watch dog I should say, that used to be used as "fighting dog" in old days.

Anyhow, when I notice my bleeding, I shouted, "A Dog Bit Me" to ask for help, seeing my white pants started turning red.   It was more serious than I thought... 
right after the bite

Then, the good thing was I remember Connection Practice. I just did Quick Coherence.   
Something I have been teaching and practicing.  

The owner dashed out of the house and said, "What can I do for you now?"
I was already calm when I had a conversation with him.

I was ready to look at what was going on and rolled up my pants hem.   I saw 4 or 5 punches of the dog teeth and one cut of half inches wide and 1/8 inches deep, and it was bleeding. I wanted to go home ASAP and wash the wound, so I asked for a ride.  He did. 
In the car, I continue the Coherence (trademark of HeartMath Institute,  is  1. Heart Focus, 2. Heart breathing, 3. Heart Feeling of Appreciation),  and I noticed even the pain started decreasing.
By the time I got home, a clear insight came and I followed through it.

I took off my pants, went to a bath room, washed the wound with running water, dry, apply extra-virgin olive oil with gauze, wrapped up with kitchen towel, took 6 Kangen-UKON(turmeric with its oil, as natural anti-inflammation), then asked him to take me to a hospital as Gen had to take our daughter to her appointment. My children was saying, "Are you OK, mom" and I said, "I am OK but need to see a doctor just in case".

The owner took me to a closest emergency clinic(private), but they refused seeing me because I was not bitten by my own dog.  It did not make sense to me until later  (the reason was you needed a police report when a dog other than your own bit you).  So we had to drive another 7 miles south to a General Hospital.  The owner left me there and told me to call him if I needed a ride home.

In the car, he was apologetic telling me that he would pay for the hospital bill and that a dog bite to a third party is a criminal and I could charge him.  So I told him I have no intention of that, and I wanted the wound to be treated professionally and regain the healthy leg.

On that day and time, I had a meeting with my Japanese colleagues of the Connection Practice, and I was able to connect with them while waiting in the hospital.  I was so happy about how well I was managing all of this.  I got my new android cellphone "tethering" working and able to connect by ZOOM, explained what was going on to my colleagues needs for trust, ability and integrity were fully met.  I also got a lot of empathy from them,  receiving their "coherence", which was empowering, needs of connection, understanding, care and love fully met.

I have been in the US (Hawaii) for 6 years now and this was my first experience of US hospital that I went for myself, so you know how curious I was the whole time.  I was observing everything...(not bored at all)

After waitng for 20 minutes or so,  a nurse called me and asked questions about my past medical history and drug allegies if any (I do have some). She took my blood pressure and then I was asked to go to another treatment room with beds where they would take care of the wound.  She asked if I needed a wheel chair, but I said no and walked to the room.

I sat down on the bed, took off the kitchen towel wrap. She looked at my wound, and said, "oh, it's clean and good", so what she did was to apply salt-watered gauze and rewrap the wound with proper bandage (mine was a kitchen towel).  

More waiting, another 15 minutes or so, and by the time a doctor came and took a look at my wound, it stopped bleeding and already somewhat dry, but the color around the bite was turning purple and a bit of swelling.  

The doctor gave me prescription of antibiotics and I was good to go.  I wrapped the wound by myself.

Then two police officers came and asked me questions about what happened.  I told them what happened and that I had no intention of suing the owner.  I told them the owner was kind and responsible, and agreed to pay for my hospital bill and that was enough for me.  

I wanted to leave the hospital ASAP as I knew our daughter and her friend were needing a ride and waiting in town, so I wanted the shortest interview with the police, and it worked.  While doing this, Gen (my husband) arrived to pick me up and we left the hospital to pick up our daughter and her friend in town.

My insight kept coming such as not to eat (to avoid suppuration), take 6 more Ukon (turmeric) pills, drink 9.5 alkaline water,  green smoothie for dinner, no animal food.  So I followed the insight.

By the dinner time, I had little pain, was able to stand, walk and cook the dinner as usual.  If there is no pain nor swelling, I need no antibiotics, I thought, and went to bed.

I slept deeply without pain and woke up fresh next morning. The color around the wound has already turned pink from purple and my calf is on the way to healing in just ONE DAY.  

Can you believe it?

I always teach my clients and students that you become more resilient and able to cope with challenges in life with ease by practicing Connection Practice.  I kind of proved it myself on this dog bite incident.  It really worked beautifully.

My surprise was not only I got calm but also the pain went away right after I practice Quick Coherence (copyright HeartMath Institute), and I got clear insight about what to do.  Oh, my body says no sugar at all (as it increases infections), this is so important as I love sweets!


What I am happiest about all of this is I am not afraid of the dogs now.  When my leg is healed, I meant to go to visit the owner and the dog and become friends with them.  I want to celebrate the power of the Connection Practice.  

I am so grateful to Rita Marie Johnson, for creating the Practice and kept sharing the wisdom with me since we met in 2006 in Canada at 2nd International Conference of Ministries/Departments of Peace.  

I am grateful we have been friends over 10 years to create a world that connects us all.

The Organic Kangen-Ukon (termeric with its oil) I take to keep the wound from infecting is available at AMAZON.  I buy them directly from Enagic, the maker,  regularly as it is very helpful to have it handy in the house when something like this happens.  Contact me if you are interested about the product:

The dog looked like this one, 3 year old female that was in heat: