Saturday, November 25, 2006

What about those children of the single mothers

When I read this aricle from Truthout today, I thought about those children of the 16,000 single mothers. How do they eat? Who takes care of them?

FOCUS | 16,000 Single Mothers Serving in Iraq
When war started in Iraq, a generation of US women became involved as never before - in a wider-than-ever array of jobs, for long deployments, in a conflict with daily bloodshed. More than 155,000 women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Among their ranks are more than 16,000 single mothers, according to the Pentagon, a number that military experts say is unprecedented.

This war in Iraq was started for the wrong reasons. No weapon of mass destruction were found. Iraq had nothing to do with 911. We all know this now and still the killing and destruction is continuing today.

Raise your voice. Talk to your congressman/woman.
Giving up and keeping silent is supporting the war, don’t you know?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Rodriquez convinces the Venezula government 911 was an inside job!

Read the great news below! Here in Japan we are continuing to do our best. We will have another 911 Conference in Tokyo on Dec 17 at Arcadia, Ichigaya, Tokyo

November 12, 2006

9/11 Hero supports Venezuela’s National Assembly resolution on 9/11

William Rodriguez, last man out of the North Tower on September the 11th and leader of the Hispanic victims and survivors in NY made a public statement today regarding the news of the Venezuelan National Assembly calling for an explanation of what really happened on 9/11 and the call that the government call be behind the attacks.

“We have worked non-stop with the officials of Venezuela to bring the truth to them. I am glad that our efforts hare having the support of world leaders and we are continuing to bring the real experiences to other world leaders as well” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez spent a month and a half in Venezuela last summer, accompanied by philanthropist Jimmy Walter and a reporter from an American Newspaper, calling for international support for the victims to find the truth of what really happened and how the government of the United states failed to explain it to those affected, a vast amount of questions and Rodriguez own experiences on witnessing explosions at the basement of the North Tower before the plane hitting the first tower, fueling a 9/11 Truth movement and the notion that the towers were imploded. While in Venezuela, Rodriguez and Walter’s made many appearances on National Television and had meetings with members of the National Assembly, including the former President of the Assembly and now chancellor of Foreign Affairs, Nicholas Maduro.

Rodriguez is the president of the Hispanic Victims Group and a key activist that called for the creation of the 9/11 Commission. He testified behind closed doors and his testimony was “omitted” from the final report. In the last 2 years he embarked on an international tour giving conferences all over Europe, including Japan, Malaysia, Venezuela, London, Amsterdam and others. His website avoids presenting much of his efforts but posts pictures and news clips.

William & Malay PM JPG

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr Tun Mahatdir Mohammed holding the WTC Master key and William Rodriguez July 2006

“I want my followers to see the pictures of their activist, no need to say much, they know who is working and who is just blabbing” Rodriguez said.

He explains that he does not receives a salary and is able to do his efforts through donations of his followers and by selling his own DVD titled appropriately named “What really happened on 9/11” also available at his website.

To contact Mr. William Rodriguez for interviews: 201-892-0503,