Monday, March 16, 2009

Two New Groups for 911 Truth Launched

I have been busy writing and translating a chapter for the new book written by  Mr. Yukihisa Fujita, who questioned the official US government's version of what happened on Sept. 11th, 2001 in NY at Japan's  Diet (the equivalent of the US Senate) last year in January.  Since then, there have been many new groups that have launched websites that question the official 911 story. Recently two new groups were launched that I feel the public needs to be made aware of.

One was initiated by a group of politicians, including Mr. Fujita, called Political Leaders for 911 Truth. Check out their website:

Another was started by religious leaders including Dr. David Ray Griffin, and is called Religious Leaders for 911 Truth.  Their website URL is:

There are so many groups now in the world working for 911 truth and I really hope that President Obama will make an initiative to launch a new completely independent commission to investigate what really happened on Sept. 11th, 2001. The War on Terror still continues today. Innocent people are still getting killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and all the family victims of 911 and the War on Terror should know the truth.

The book by Mr. Fujita is titled 'Questioning 9.11 Truth at Japan's Diet - Can Obama Really Change the US? It is published by Clubhouse and is available in Japan for 1500yen. ISBN978-4-906496-43-3. The Japanese title is: 「9.11テロ疑惑国会追及ーーオバマ米国は変われるか」

Questioning 911 Truth... JPG

It should be at bookstores in late March and there will be a publishing party held on April 8th, which I intend to attend.

There will be another event on this topic at which Mr. Fujita will speak on April 24 at Naked Loft in Tokyo. The charge will be 1000 yen at the door.