Tuesday, October 16, 2007

♪ Terri: Arizona Co-ordinator for the Department of Peace ♪ - 33 min 29 sec - 7.7 MB

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I am in Phoenix staying at my friend Terri's house. Terri is the state coordinator of the Department of Peace campaign. She has asked me to report on the 3rd Global Summit for the Ministries and Departments of Peace held in Japan from Sept 21st to Oct 3rd, and that is the very reason I am here.

Please listen to what I had to say to a group of friends visiting Terri's home by clicking on the title of this blog.

Her house is the most gorgeous and beautiful house I have ever seen. I am very thankful to all my relations that brought me here. Thank YOU!

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Terri was also a witness to the Phoenix Lights, unidentified flying objects that moved slowly over the state of Arizona in 1997. Some 10,000 poeple in Phoenix saw this gigantic UFO. Dr. Lynne Kitei, a medical doctor and friend of Terri produced a documentary film about the event titled The Pheonix Lights. Terri was interviewed in the film.

Yes, very interesting.

I keep watching the sky from her house but have not seen any UFOs yet.

One day, the truth will be unveiled, including what really happened on Sept, 11th, 2001, what happened to JFK, John Lennon, and of course, about the reality of the UFO phenomena. The truth will set us free and it won't be too far future.