Saturday, July 29, 2006

New 911 Book Released in Japan!

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Benjamin Fulford's (former Asia Pacific Bureau chief at Forbes magazine) new book, '9.11 Terror Concoction - How fascist America fooled the world by faking the 911 terror attacks' has just been released in Japan. It is available in Japanese only. The Japanese title is: 9・11テロ捏造 日本と世界を騙し続ける独裁国家アメリカ [911 Tero Netsuzo nihon to sekai wo damashi tuzukeru dokusai kokka America] and is published by 徳間書店 [Tokuma Shoten] and is available at all major bookstores in Japan and soon will be available at our Global Peace Campaign Store. The Forbes Asia English site can be seen here.

This is a very comprehensive book with much information and some excellent pictures that leave little doubt that the official US government 911 story is full of holes! For example there are some excellent color photos of the World Trade Center buildings collapsing at the very front of the book (the 8th and 9th color pages from the front). The text that accompanies them starts off like this... 'If after seeing these pictures you think the World Trade Center collapsed from fire, you had better start to believe that your brain is fried...' Benjamin does not mess around with words, I can tell you!

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On the back inside cover flap of the book which you can see here, Benjamin has this to say... 'This book is the red pill that Neo from the film ‘The Matrix‘ chose. If you are afraid of knowing the truth, don't read it. You have the freedom to keep choosing the blue pill but the resources to create and know the truth are in this book.'

If you live in Japan and want to let your Japanese friends know what really happened on September 11th, 2001, get a copy/copies of this book and give it/lend it to your friends... I have yet to finish reading it (it is over 400 pages long!) but I can tell you that it is definitely worth every yen...

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By the way, Benjamin wrote a feature story in January of this year in the Shukan Post, a popular weekly Japanese Magazine. In it he covered all the main questionable areas of the 911 event. It is six pages in length and it gives a great overview of the discrepancies in the official 911 story. I still have copies available at my store!

We Japanese must be made aware of the horror that the US committed on Sept. 11th. Right now we are on a path that is leading us towards re-militarization... We must not let this happen!

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Loose Change, Kevin Barrett and the 9/11 Scholars are only covering half of the truth, which turns it into a limited hangout.
Same to the Vanity Fair-NORAD negligence hangout.

The rest is documented here:

Check out also especially:
Video Overlay proves 9/11 TV Fakery

If anyone agrees please sign the following petition at: