Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept 11th, the day the world woke up!

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Today here in Tokyo Japan, Benjamin Fulford, Yukihisa Fujita and myself took part in a 911 Truth Event on this seventh anniversary of the Sept. 11th, 2001. We had a full house with over 200 people attending!

Mr. Fujita speaking on the question of if Japanese politics is manipulated by the US Government.

As Benjamin mentioned during his talk today, as terrible as the events of Sept. 11th were, in reality, they were needed to wake the world up from the dangerous slumber it was in. Prior to 911, virtually no one was aware of the nefarious behind the scenes manipulation of local and global events for the benefit or corporations, the military and the wealthy elite.

Benjamin Fulford JPG

Benjamin Fulford who was the main organizer of the event

I myself began to realize something was not quite right with the official 911 story about three years after Sept. 11th, 2001. Since then I have continued my research and now know that Sept. 11th was just one of many, many events that were planned in advance in order to manipulate and control the fabric of society for the benefit of the elite and the businesses they control!

Sales table JPG

A good crowd at the rear of the hall checking out the books and DVDs for sale

Sept 11th was used to manipulate us into believing that extremists from Afghanistan and Iraq were behind the attacks in New York and the only way to stop them from doing the same again was to invade, attack and control their countries. In the years that have passed since the war started over 4,000 US soldiers have been killed, with some 30,000 wounded. As for the Iraqi's, some estimates put their death toll at over a million...

The Audience JPG

View of the audience during the 10 minute break

We now know that Sept. 11th was not carried out by 19 terrorists wielding box cutters! How gullible we were to believe that they could defeat not once, but four times on the same day, the most sophisticated military and security forces in the world!

How gullible were we to believe that two steel towers that were built to handle hurricane force winds for months at a time could collapse in their own footprints in less than ten seconds, an hour or so after they were struck by the planes!

Panel Discussion JPG

Benjamin Fulford, Yukihisa Fujita and myself during the panel discussion

The fake war on terror continues today, physically and mentally maiming not only Iraqi's but US soldiers and their families too!

Interview JPG

Being interviewed by Press TV

The PressTV News Story

Enough is enough! We must now put the spotlight on 911 as many people still do not know the truth! I hope you will join me and my many friends around the world. We have been working hard to get the truth out about 911!

As the mainstream media is the voice of the military, the corporations and the the elite, it is up to us, to you and me, to become the voice of truth and peace! Each one of us must become the media. We need to tell everyone we know that 911 Was An Inside Job!

Inside Job T Shirts JPG

Volunteers wearing our new '911 Truth' and '911 Was An Inside Job' T Shirts

On November 3rd, we will be holding our 2nd 911 Truth Conference in Japan. Please visit our website to learn more about what we have planned. If you are living in Japan don't miss it! If you know someone living in Japan, please make sure you tell them about it.

2nd 911 Truth International Conference JPG

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Virginia Foxxe said...

At 08:14 on September 11, 2001, aviation authorities first learned that AA11 had been hijacked. This was the first time the hijacked airliner was not intercepted by fighters.

A whole 32 minutes after learning of the hijacking (at 08:46), fighter jets were finally scrambled from Cape Cod. Ironically, that was the very same moment when the hijacked AA11 crashed into WTC 1. And also at just about the same time, it became apparent that UA175 had also been hijacked. Despite that it is only 10 minutes flying time (for an F15) from Cape Cod to New York, the fighters never arrived. But 17 minutes after the fighters were scrambled, UA175 did arrive in New York City... and it crashed into WTC 2.

By the time UA175 crashed into the second tower, AA77 was also known to have been hijacked. Picture this. Two hijacked planes had just crashed into the twin WTC towers and a third airliner was also known to have been hijacked. There could be no doubt in anyone's mind what was happening. (Not even George III could have failed to comprehend the magnitude of what was happening.)

And yet, even though there could be no mistake that a concerted attack on US cities using hijacked planes was under way and at least one more hijacked plane was in the air, that third plane flew for another whole 34 minutes without being intercepted until it found its target (the Pentagon) and scored another hit. (This was a total of 83 minutes after the drama began, 51 minutes after the first WTC attack, and 34 minutes after the second WTC attack.)

So was this...

A. the most disasterous defence blunder since the Trojans wheeled that huge wooden horse into their city?
B. an intentional stand down?
C. a tragic event that could not be helped due to the defence training exercises going on at the time?
D. actually it was an inspiring success because the 4th plane might have been headed for Indian Point Nuclear Power Station?
E. none of above?

Keep in mind that the Pentagon has its own dedicated missile shield system equipped with surface-to-air missiles designed to shoot down Russian ICBMs travelling speeds of between 2000-9000 miles per hour whereas the top speed of AA77 was a little over 500 miles per hour.