Monday, March 12, 2012

Worsening Health Condition of a Fukushima Resident: The Case of Ms. Emiko Numauchi

Aljazeera has reported on a women, Emiko Numauchi, a former high school teacher, living 25 km from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Reactor, whose health has been worsening after the 311 nuclear disaster: She is losing her hair, many teeth are gone, and she has purple marks on the skin...

Here is an English article about her:

Below is a report written by Sanae who volunteered to spread the information about Ms. Emiko Numauchi, who is in the Aljazeera report.
How safe is it for Fukushima people to stay in Fukushima, Japan?

People all over the world may think that Fukushima issue is already over. The Tsunami is over and international support has been delivered, therefore it is over.

However, there actually are the people who have been suffered from some incomprehensible symptoms around the nuclear power plants in Fukushima since the disaster. A Hiroshima Survivor told that Hiroshima people have been the same symptoms just like Fukushima.

1. The symptoms Fukushima people have and the ones Hiroshima people have.
A lady, Emiko Numauchi, 42 years old, who has lived in Minamisoma city in Fukushima prefecture in Japan, has been suffered from bunch of incomprehensible symptoms such as diarrhea (from May in 2011), feeling horror (from June), loss of appetite (from June), numbness in her hands (from August), higher blood pressure (from August), higher body temperature (from August), loosing her teeth (from September), (water) blisters (from October), loosing her hair (from October), bleeding (from December), and so on since the Fukushima nuclear power plantsa exploded after the earthquakes and Tsunami on March 11th. According to her, she had no problem with her health before that. Her husband was just a few km far away from the plants and one of her friends was in Minamisoma city as well. He has been suffering from feeling horror, numbness in his left feet, and nose bleeding and her friend has been loosing her hair.

Another lady, Koko Tanimoto Kondo, a Hiroshima Survivor I met last month told that a lot of the people who were in Hiroshima when the atomic bomb was detonated over the city have been suffered from the incomprehensible symptoms same as the above.

2. The distances they are staying from the Fukushima nuclear power plants.
Minamisoma city where Emiko has been living is within 25 km from the Fukushima nuclear power plants. Her hasband moved to Kooriyama city where is within 60 km and comes back to Minamisoma city on weekends and her frends moved to the border place of Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures, within 75 km, after the disaster.

3. What are their conditions now?
They do not have the all symptoms all of the time, (some of those such as headaches, blisters, or numbness keep appearing and disappearing) , but Emiko actually has been loosing her hair and teeth since the last autumn and have difficulty in working (teaching high school students) because of feeling restless. Her hasband feels horror and have difficulty in working as well and her friend is also loosing her hair. Both Emiko and her friend got wigs in this winter.
Through a lot of Japanese websites, we can see not only Fukushima people but also the people outskirts of Fukushima have the similar health problems. Now we wonder how safe it is for Fukushima people to live there.

Emiko Numauchi's JPG

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Now the debris from the tsunami is coming close to Hawaii and we do not know how radioactive it might be. I will keep measuring the radiation and report it here if I find anything strange.


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RELIGION: Based on a Bedrock of Lies
The major religions of the world were brought into existence through LIES. The Christian Religion: Two Popes even admitted that Christ was a Fable. Pope Leo X, died 1521. “How well we know ...

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