Monday, October 24, 2016

We are serious about FUNDRAISING. Without fund, we can not SUPPORT Fukushima Kids

In December, we are going to do 3 different fundraiser in 3 different locations, 2 in Kona, 1 in Tokyo.

I just write the date, time and place so that you can save those dates if you are interested in participating.

Dec 2@Kona Coffee and Tea Company in Kailua Kona from 5pm
No charge and donation appreciated, and please purchase drink or food  at KCTC

Dec 18@Hawaiian Queen Coffee Garden in Kailua Kona from 4pm
Violin solo concert by Ursula Vietze
suggested donation: $20

Dec 26@Nippori Sunny Hall in Tokyo from 7pm
Gen Morita solo concert with Yumi, Toyono and Miwako
fee: 2000yen

All the proceed goes to Fukushima Kids Hawaii for the program of 2017 Summer project.
We want more people donate less (not few people a lot), like 3000 people donating $10 each would be sufficient to carry out the program for 1 year.  So, please help us spread the words.

Here is the online platform to donate directly to us:

Thank you for reading and your interest in Fukushima Kids Hawaii.  We will continue to do what we can to support Fukushima children.

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